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About Mobiyodha

What is MobiYoddha?

MobiYoddha, a comprehensive anti-theft mobile/tablet application provides the best protection possibilities to your stolen or misplaced Android mobile/tablet device. MobiYoddha has many distinguishable features that help users after installation of the app to seek their lost device and get it back through thief photo and voice capture. Users can also lock their phone so that it is not misused. Users can install the MobiYoddha app from the Play Store by purchasing it for a monthly/annual package. The license is provided from the web dashboard or your mobile/tablet account for that period. MobiYoddha is a daily use security app that has a host of features to help you track and protect your mobile/tablet device through photo and voice capture, location tracking, phone lock, alert alarm, lost notes & Many More. It has innovative ideas that try to ensure women��s safety and child��s safety.

About Us

The Youngsarian Group is dedicated to active social work from 10 years, got a new and innovative idea of an app looking at the increasing number of mobile/tablet thefts taking place in the society. Together with the help of an expert IT team, they devised MobiYoddha that aspires to provide unique features to get back the lost mobile/tablet with women safety and child safety included. The main endeavour of MobiYoddha is to offer efficient solutions to help people locate their lost/misplaced/stolen mobile/tablet without any worries.

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